Golden Globes 2016

Published January 11, 2016 by immeam

So The award season is here!Golden globes just happened(11.01.2016).I am a huge fan of this awards .As there is a time difference of 12 hours i have to get up at 5AM to watch it live on TV.Thank God for live streaming…^_^

Like most people i m interested in what people wear and who came with who..and of course the award

This year it was all about capes and small trains so that the the ladies could walk on their own.So,here are the people who wowed me this year…


Lady Gaga-That girl knows how to pull anything ..from a meat dress to a simple black gown.In custom Versace she looked flawless and with her man…they looked stunning !!Another person who rocked in black was Kirsten Dunst with her plunging neckline.

Jenna Dewan tatum-So i absolutely adored her gown.And of course there’s her man.Another one rocked in blue wasGina Rodriguez in Zac Posen.The  pretty gown,with her sweet smile and her adorable as ever.

Jennifer Lopez--The yellow dress in covered in mustard-yellow Giambattista Valli, from cape back to sculpturally draped waist, just one leg jutting out from the side. her red lips and red nails..She rocked it.

Jada Pinkett smith ,Her green gown in  versace was also one of my favorite.Jamie Alexander in Genny also looked stunning in a plunge-neck emerald-and-black Art Deco print

Zendaya in Marchesa,Wow.She is getting prettier every time i see her .

Worst dress

So,There will always be best and worst dress in the red carpet.But thankfully there were less Hideous and disastrous this time.Those who made my list are-

Emilia Clarke-Holy,Mother of dragons!I think she came straight from shooting.Her dress didn’t suit her nor her hair style for the award.Guess,She forgot to changes..-_-

Cate Blanchet-Unfortunatly she missed her mark ,in a pale pink Givenchy dress,with part of sia’s wig attached(!)..the dress looked hideous!

Jane Fonda,with  a short ruffled shirt tied to her neck also came on this list. Guess there was a problem with the upper part and the designer just attached a shirt to hide the deed.  or she must like her dessert very much.

Rooney Mara’s Alexander McQueen’s flesh-colored gown.Poor girl might have torn the dress while getting ready and decided to make it a new fashion..The rag fashion that is!

Wiz khalifa-Dude this is a award show.What the hell u were thinking.Is this after prom party?

Mellisa McCarthy-We know u lost weight,but what with this garbage bag dress.The inky black gown made her look she gained more weight.

Regina King-So did she wanted to be the king of sequin or what?Inheavily-sequined Krikor Jabotian dress,with that cape!Are u serious?While coming she must have saw everyone wearing cape’s .So she just took the curtain from her hotel room and sewed it with the dress and made it THE WORST DRESS of the night.

So here are my list.Who did u liked and hated ..Let me know.



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