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Reality vs Dream

Published December 30, 2015 by immeam

EN_dreambigspongelettersDREAM and Reality …..Two simple ,different words…but has a strong impact in our everyday life…Some people dream and make their dream come a reality..some people dream and dream till their ending…There are ¬†people who face harsh reality in their everyday life,at the end of the day their dream is what keeps them going….Life is for some too easy.For others ,the hardship never ends…

I dream of big things.I will achieve this or that..sometimes i dream the impossible,even though i know it can never come true.Reality is the only truth, i know.But its harsh, messy and too painful sometimes.

In the end..DREAM …thats what keeps us going..

What do say?



Published December 30, 2015 by immeam

Hello,I welcome ¬†you in my world.I want to share my feeling and experience here.Hope you don’t get bored .You are also welcome to share what’s happening in your life…Thank u..:)