Recommendation: Shoujo Manga’s you might enjoy

Published February 13, 2016 by immeam

Hey guys,Hope everyone’s having a nice day.Its the first day of Spring.

Today i gonna list My Top 12 shoujo manga’s i have reading …All of them are ongoing.The common genre’s of most of this are:comedy,romance, shoujo.

  1. Takane to Hana-When Hana replaces her sister at an omiai, little does she expect to be insulted and called a gold digger by the handsome and older Takane! Furious, she throws her wig in his face and leaves. Unexpectedly she gets asked out on a date by Takane the next day. How will these two ever find love?
  2. Love Phantom-Momoko is just a mediocre who work at a cafe, but suddenly the fateful romance appear right in front of her….(Mature content)
  3. Namaikizakari-Upon first sight Machida Yuki knows that she doesn�t want anything to do with Naruse Shou, but how can she keep her cool when he is a part of the basketball club she manages?
  4. Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu-Successful career woman Asuka Takanashi has an old-fashioned dream of getting married and becoming a housewife. After her long-term boyfriend breaks up with her to pursue his own career goals, she encounters Ryu Nanami, a popular newscaster at PTV. Asuka and Ryu get along well, but the last thing he wants is to ever get married. This level-headed pair who want the opposite things in life should never get involved, except…(Mature content)
  5. Skip beatKyouko Mogami lived solely for her childhood friend Shoutaro “Shou” Fuwa. She follows Shou to Tokyo so that he may realize his dream of becoming a famous singer. When his dream is realized, Kyouko overhears the truth behind his decision to bringing her with him: he was using her as a maid.Shocked and enraged, Kyouko swears to take revenge by outdoing him in show business. With a new look and a new attitude, she joins LME, the agency where Ren Tsuruga (Shou’s rival )Along the way, she discovers her true self, makes new friends (and enemies), and finds herself at the heart of some interesting situations that will change her life, and the lives of all others involved, forever
  6. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro OujiErika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an anonymous guy who turned out to be a schoolmate of hers and was shortly recognized by her friends. Their conversations then was overheard by the guy, Sata Kyouya. Erika went to explain and proposed her idea of faking as lovers. However, Sata who gave off the nice-charming feelings guy turns out to be a black prince and used her reasons to blackmail her instead.
  7. L-DkShuusei Kugayama is the “prince” of his high school, but he always turns down confessions–including one from Aoi Nishimori’s best friend. Although she initially hates him for this, when Shuusei moves in next door to Aoi, who lives alone, she starts thinking that he might not be such a bad guy after all…
  8. Ou-sama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi-Ayaka who is working at bridal section in a hotel is a beauty with bad personality! and right in front of her comes the hotel owner, name Tougou but full of mockery with [Ousama] and out from no where they both getting “marry”..!? an unlikely wedding story finally has begun….(Mature content)
  9. Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet-Ohno Fumi is a poor 2nd year high school student. Because of her father’s debts, she’s kicked out of her own home and has to rely on her own connections to survive. Thus begins her life as a live-in housekeeper for a reclusive writer.
  10. Horimiya-Hori is your average teenage girl… who has a side she wants no one else to ever find out about. Then there’s her classmate Miyamura, your average glasses-wearing boy in school and a totally different person out. When the two meet unexpectedly, they discover each others’ secrets and develop an unexpected friendship
  11. SP X Baby-Hasegawa Tamaki is a high school graduate in her early twenties. She’s looking for a full-time job to support herself and her brother. Even those she’s unqualified because she didn’t go to college because her parents passed away. On the way to a job interview one day, she sees a man being chased by another, suspicious-looking man and she steps in and attacks the pursuer. Luckily, the pursuer wasn’t actually trying to attack the man running away, the two are employer and bodyguard, and the employer was trying to run away from his bodyguard to go have some fun. The employer then surprises Tamaki and offers her a position as his bodyguard!!!
  12. Gintama-Sakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurais are no longer needed.To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade.
    Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place… and to pay their rent.








Manga Review:TAKANE TO HANA..:)

Published January 24, 2016 by immeam

Heyyyy guys,I am back.Today i am going to give my review on a Japnesse manga:Takane to Hana.

Baka-manga updates descreption:

When Hana replaces her sister at an omiai, little does she expect to be insulted and called a gold digger by the handsome and older Takane! Furious, she throws her wig in his face and leaves. Unexpectedly she gets asked out on a date by Takane the next day. How will these two ever find love?

Author:Shiwasu Yuki

Comedy Romance School Life Shoujo
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Serialized(Magazine) by:Hana to Yume(2015)

The story is as  those typical older guy met younger high school girl and falls in love ,but there’s a variation in this story that makes this so special.Too often the female protagonist of shoujo manga is a ditzy, weak little girl who needs the male lead to basically “protect” her. This manga is completely different.

Hana(16) is an intelligent, quick witted, and adorable character. She knows how to handle Takane and their relationship is mutually built on a foundation of winning/losing. Some people might think she’s mean to him for no reason ,but Its bickering love, they both play with each other. She just happens to be better at it than him. Takane(24)is a refreshing male lead. He’s bit pure and naive, but just as much as a fighter as Hana.This manga is really funny and watching the main characters fight or their dialogues is so hilarious!

And Takane is a very observant persons.He is always there for Hana.Even she is trying to hide away something. Takane always try to lavesh Hana with gifts,as he thinks gifts are the way to her heart like any typical wanna be boyfriend.But his gifts are always outrageous nd funny.He also takes her to restaurants,where you will find Hana with lovely getup.I really enjoyed it.Each and every chapter will make you want more.

I also should mention the art. The art is half of what makes the manga so good. It is cleanly drawn, but it’s the facial expressions that can be priceless! Just looking at the raws makes me crack up!The art,the comedy,the main characters,even the side characters are good,not a bit of boring in it.

This is my review.Hope you find it interesting.Write what do you think…:)dTzzBBIt001tumblr_nu9nngaJa41ti60zlo1_500c88dc62b1d3744f875e5eed73aa9245b4133469d_hq-2



Golden Globes 2016

Published January 11, 2016 by immeam

So The award season is here!Golden globes just happened(11.01.2016).I am a huge fan of this awards .As there is a time difference of 12 hours i have to get up at 5AM to watch it live on TV.Thank God for live streaming…^_^

Like most people i m interested in what people wear and who came with who..and of course the award

This year it was all about capes and small trains so that the the ladies could walk on their own.So,here are the people who wowed me this year…


Lady Gaga-That girl knows how to pull anything ..from a meat dress to a simple black gown.In custom Versace she looked flawless and with her man…they looked stunning !!Another person who rocked in black was Kirsten Dunst with her plunging neckline.

Jenna Dewan tatum-So i absolutely adored her gown.And of course there’s her man.Another one rocked in blue wasGina Rodriguez in Zac Posen.The  pretty gown,with her sweet smile and her adorable as ever.

Jennifer Lopez--The yellow dress in covered in mustard-yellow Giambattista Valli, from cape back to sculpturally draped waist, just one leg jutting out from the side. her red lips and red nails..She rocked it.

Jada Pinkett smith ,Her green gown in  versace was also one of my favorite.Jamie Alexander in Genny also looked stunning in a plunge-neck emerald-and-black Art Deco print

Zendaya in Marchesa,Wow.She is getting prettier every time i see her .

Worst dress

So,There will always be best and worst dress in the red carpet.But thankfully there were less Hideous and disastrous this time.Those who made my list are-

Emilia Clarke-Holy,Mother of dragons!I think she came straight from shooting.Her dress didn’t suit her nor her hair style for the award.Guess,She forgot to changes..-_-

Cate Blanchet-Unfortunatly she missed her mark ,in a pale pink Givenchy dress,with part of sia’s wig attached(!)..the dress looked hideous!

Jane Fonda,with  a short ruffled shirt tied to her neck also came on this list. Guess there was a problem with the upper part and the designer just attached a shirt to hide the deed.  or she must like her dessert very much.

Rooney Mara’s Alexander McQueen’s flesh-colored gown.Poor girl might have torn the dress while getting ready and decided to make it a new fashion..The rag fashion that is!

Wiz khalifa-Dude this is a award show.What the hell u were thinking.Is this after prom party?

Mellisa McCarthy-We know u lost weight,but what with this garbage bag dress.The inky black gown made her look she gained more weight.

Regina King-So did she wanted to be the king of sequin or what?Inheavily-sequined Krikor Jabotian dress,with that cape!Are u serious?While coming she must have saw everyone wearing cape’s .So she just took the curtain from her hotel room and sewed it with the dress and made it THE WORST DRESS of the night.

So here are my list.Who did u liked and hated ..Let me know.


Reality vs Dream

Published December 30, 2015 by immeam

EN_dreambigspongelettersDREAM and Reality …..Two simple ,different words…but has a strong impact in our everyday life…Some people dream and make their dream come a reality..some people dream and dream till their ending…There are  people who face harsh reality in their everyday life,at the end of the day their dream is what keeps them going….Life is for some too easy.For others ,the hardship never ends…

I dream of big things.I will achieve this or that..sometimes i dream the impossible,even though i know it can never come true.Reality is the only truth, i know.But its harsh, messy and too painful sometimes.

In the end..DREAM …thats what keeps us going..

What do say?


Published December 30, 2015 by immeam

Hello,I welcome  you in my world.I want to share my feeling and experience here.Hope you don’t get bored .You are also welcome to share what’s happening in your life…Thank u..:)